The Benefits of Venting Your Roof

Why ventilate?

Many homes have ventilation built right in. whether it is raised box vents that have been cut out in the roof’s surface, an attic fan, dormer vents, or turbine vents, a large percentage of roofs have ventilation already. By allowing regulated air flow (intake/exhaust), it helps cool the underside of the shingles which prevents them fro making in the summer heat. In the winter, ventilation helps cut down on the moisture build-up which helps with the life of the shingles, as well as the interior of the attic. Ventilation helps maintain a proper balance of fresh air. With poor ventilation, California sunshine can cause a terrific build-up of heat in the attic space. In a home with poor ventilation, the heat in the attic can reach up to 140 degrees and the heat will stay there much of the day and night, slowly migrating to the home’s interior. Ventilating can provide you-round benefits; comfort inside the home, protection against damage too roof materials and structure, and also reduce energy consumption throughout the year. While doing your roofing project, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate your home and attic ventilation needs.

How to ventilate?

Ventilating your roof can be done a variety of ways. The easiest way is to install a dormer or turbine vent, electrical fan, solar attic fan, or ridge vent. This creates an instant escape for extra moisture and keeps heat from building up in the attic space.

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